Did You Know?

Article yG

Did You Know?

Article yG

Did you know I very much would like to make peace with the Holdeman people, and often am very deeply pained in my heart, because of my rejected situation among my acquaintances and family, and because of being quite powerless to uncover before them and others, numerous vital truths that lie hidden to many? yG-1

Did you know King David spoke of having enemies wrongfully, and spoke of being shut up and not being able to come out? Psalm 69:1-4 reads "Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul. {2} I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me. {3} I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God. {4} They that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of mine head: they that would destroy me, being mine enemies wrongfully, are mighty: then I restored that which I took not away." Psalms 88:6-8 reads, "Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the deeps. {7} Thy wrath lieth hard upon me, and thou hast afflicted me with all thy waves. Selah. {8} Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far from me; thou hast made me an abomination unto them: I am shut up, and I cannot come forth." Please read both of these chapters sometime, they are very interesting.

yG-2 In the following paragraphs, numerous and various subjects are considered. Although some of these subjects are not so important yet some are very important. I feel these subjects are quite misunderstood and should be honestly considered. If you and I are not willing to carefully and honestly consider issues such as the one's discussed below, how can we ever be reconciled or how can we ever experience a Godly unity? Your comments are welcome. yG-3

In considering the following issues please remember that in the parable of the sower, it was only those people who had a honest and good heart which brought forth an hundred fold (Luke 8:8&15), and remember if you lack such an heart and do not fairly and squarely look at all Scriptures and issues, the light of your body is evil, and your whole body thus becomes full of darkness (Matt 6:22-23, Luke 11:34-36). yG-4

Concerning Usury

Did you know that the Bible repeatedly reproves charging usury, and because the Bible desires to help the poorer, while a basic attribute of usury or interest is that it instead helps the richer at the cost of hurting the poorer?

Did you know that the Bible does not only speak opposingly on charging usury on money but also on charging usury on things (Deu 23:19)? yG-5 Did you know charging a rent price on property that is sufficient to provide interest on the money invested is largely or totally charging interest (usury) on things? yG-6 Did you know charging a rent price on a house that is sufficient to provide interest on the money invested in the house, makes it very easy for one who has 5 houses to get the 6th house at the cost of making it quite difficult for one who has no house to get the one house that he truly needs? yG-7

Did you know that many Christians since they cannot charge interest when they lend out money, then do not lend out any money at all, but simply selfishly use it? yG-8 Did you know such likely is worse than charging a small interest rate? yG-9 Yet did you know that Neh 5:10-11 even reproves charging a small interest fee of one percent? (Note an interest charge that only covers inflation in reality is not interest). yG-10

Did you know that those who willingly, and largely unnecessarily, and quite permanently pay interest, have very much fellowship and connection with receiving interest? yG-11

Did you know the James 2:5 says that God has "chosen the poor of this world rich in faith", and that Jesus said "But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. {25} Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep. Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." (Luke 6:24-26)? (Note the subject of usury is considered further in article bJ). yG-12

Concerning Copyrights

Did you know that a very basic principle of Christianity is to freely spread the Gospel to all humanity? yG-13

Did you know the true and zealous Christian would desire to make all Gospel related material, freely available for everyone (1 Cor 9:13-18)? yG-14

Did you know that people normally copyright their literature with the intent of barring others from making copies of it? yG-15

Did you know many Christians copyright their religious literature, to thereby bar others from making copies of it, so they can force every one to buy it? yG-16

Did you know such is quite opposite of that Godly zeal which would try to make Gospel related literature freely available for everyone? yG-17

Did you know the Bible teaches the church and donations should help those who labor much in the gospel (1 Tim 5:3-17, 1 Cor 9:7-18), while the Godly author also should be willing to donate much time for the sake of the Gospel, which plan is much more edifying than trying to force payment by disallowing copying? (Note the subject of copy rights is considered further in article bK) yG-18

Concerning Justification by Faith

Very Important Subject

Did you know that being justified by faith pertains to much more than simply being aware of the plan of salvation and intellectually looking to Christ and His sacrificial death for our salvation? yG-19

Did you know God's people were justified by faith in the Old Testament era, even though these old era people did not understand Christ dying for our sins as we now do (Romans 4, Galatians 3)? yG-20

Did you know Jesus told a woman which quite obviously did not understand how Jesus would die for her sins that her faith saved her (Luke 7:50)? yG-21

Did you know that faith is the substance (solid assurance) of things hoped for the evidence (proof) of things not seen (heavenly and eternal things), rather than being a think so belief (Heb 11:1)? yG-22

Did you know faith is like a sixth and spiritual sense which can see eternal things like our physical eyes can see earthly things? yG-23

Did you know the faith that justifies makes one realistically look for a city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God as did Abraham the Father of faith (Heb 11:10)? yG-24

Did you know that before Jesus blest Peter's faith in Christ, saying, "upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.", Jesus had first advocated that Peter's faith was based on a revelation from God rather than merely based upon human education (Matt 16:16-18)? yG-25

Did you know that if your faith in Christ is merely based on being educated by man and not based on a personal revelation from God that your faith is dead and cannot justify? yG-26

Did you know if you believe in Jesus in the Bible way, out of your life will flow rivers of living water (John 7:38)?

Did you know that believing in Jesus to be saved, very much includes believing in all His teachings and sharing His emphasis and doing what He taught?

Did you know a living and justifying faith is wondrous in working, and thus the Bible has reason to advocate that we are justified by faith and yet to also say we will be judged by our works? yG-27

Did you know early Anabaptist Creeds speaking of saving faith, repeatedly and very strongly advocated, that a saving faith changes one's tastes from earthly things to heavenly things, and draws and impels those that possess it from earthly pursuits to heavenly pursuits, and is mighty in working? yG-28

Did you know that in the special speech on justification by faith given at the Holdeman conference in 1983, very little or nothing was said about how saving faith mightily works and mightily changes one's affections to heavenly things? yG-29

Did you know that although Jesus said "Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life," many Christians even among those who think themselves to be the special people of God, are so careless about religious issues that they do not search things out for themselves, and are so enthused about earthly ambitions that they can hardly stop working on them or talking about them? yG-30

Concerning Divorce & Remarriage

Did you know that although Jesus to a large extent disallowed divorce and remarriage that he yet allowed it "for the cause of fornication"? yG-31

Did you know the Biblical word fornication can pertain to most any type of immorality including adultery? yG-32

Did you know that the writings of Tertullian, Menno Simons, Anabaptist Creeds, and John Holdeman, all with one voice, allow divorce and remarriage in the case where a mate is unfaithful to the other? yG-33

Did you know that the marriage vow which promises that the couple will keep themselves only to one another as long as they live, does not give liberty for a mate to remarry if a partner is unfaithful, even though Jesus and the writings of ancient Christians give that liberty? (Note divorce and remarriage is extensively considered in an article coded aW). yG-34

Did you know that many people do not search things out but merely believe what they want to believe, and in the end will be found fools and possibly in damnation? yG-35

Did you know the Holy Spirit is very important, and did you know that the truth also is very important, and is so related to the Holy Spirit that the Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth (John 14:17, 15:26, 16:13)? yG-35.5

Concerning Linage

Did you know that the Martyrs Mirror speaking of lineage, advocates lineage of leadership while John Holdeman did not experience an official calling into leadership from other leaders? yG-36

Did you know John Holdeman advocated lineage of baptism, while the Anabaptist leaders George Blaurock and Conrad Grebel did not experience such, but baptized each other? yG-37

Did you know the Martyrs Mirror does not advocate a lineage of baptism, and John Holdeman does not advocate lineage of leadership, but these writers advocated varying lineages and possibly because of what each experienced and seen in their own time. yG-38

Did you know that "God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham." (Matt 3:9, Luke 3:8).

Did you know that although God has a normal plan for His Church, with regards to authorized ones baptizing converts and calling leaders, that yet our God in dealing with unusual situations and particular needs has exceptional ways of doing things? (The subject of lineage is considered very extensively in article bB). yG-39

Did you know to make peace with one another their often must be a confessing of faults one to another, (James 5:16), and a considerate and just explanation of the truth, rather than simply demanding one to lay aside his questions and views, and adopt the teachings of the majority of the church? yG-40

Did you know God might desire one to deeply study Biblical truths, even if others who think they already know enough, are displeased with the one who continues to study and seek for the truth rather than simply being satisfied with their knowledge? yG-40.1

Concerning Baptism

Did you know that the Biblical words baptism and wash are so much alike that they at times derive from the same Greek word, which truth clearly reveals baptism and washing are very related? yG-41

Did you know that up till years 1400 A.D. or so the Martyr's Mirror repeatedly speaks of baptism being a washing and of applicants going into the water to be baptized? yG-42

Did you know that in old era cleansing rituals, even if one was anointed or sprinkled upon, he often (if not always), also received a washing of water? yG-44

Did you know that in old era cleansing rituals, ordinary water was not used in pouring or sprinkling, but ordinary water was only used for washing rituals? yG-43

Did you know that baptism is to symbolize being washed from our sins, and did you know it can also nicely symbolize burying the old man, and resurrecting to a clean new life in Christ (Acts 22:16, Rom 6:3-4, Col 2:12, Gal 3:27)? yG-45

Did you know that a light pouring or anointing does not do a very good job of portraying those experiences, while baptisms using an abundance of water can nicely symbolize being washed from our sins, burying the old man and resurrecting to a new life in Christ? yG-46

Did you know that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river, and did you know that John and Jesus both were "baptizing in Aenon near to Salim, because there was much water there:" (John 3:23)? yG-47

Did you know one can be washed and buried by an abundant pouring while also standing in water and without a technical immersion, but cannot be washed by only a slight pouring or anointing? yG-48

Did you know early Christian pictorial representations of baptism, as on the catacomb walls, show Christians standing in water with water being poured over them? (Note the subject of baptism is extensively considered in article bC) yG-49

Did you know Hosea 4:6 reads "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee..."? yG-50

Concerning Jesus' Humanity

Very Important Subject

Did you know one's real person is spirit rather than flesh or body, for which cause various Scriptures speak of man's body as being a temple or tabernacle, and speak of people putting off this tabernacle. yG-51

Did you know Jesus speaking of His own body, said, "destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up" (John 2:19&21). yG-52

Did you know Jesus real or main person was a Spiritual Son of God from heaven rather than being His flesh or body?

Did you know that Jesus could have been sinless because of overcoming our humanity and having a remedy for man's very flesh and situation rather than sinless because of not encountering it? yG-54

Do you think that Jesus sinlessness is contingent on Jesus not having encountered our humanity, or contingent on Him overcoming that humanity which He encountered? yG-55

Did you know that Menno Simons strongly advocated that Jesus inherited no humanity from Mary or the human family, but merely received nourishment from Mary? yG-56

Did you know that Menno Simons very many times advocated that the Word Himself became or turned into Flesh (Christ's flesh), in teaching that Jesus' flesh did not derive from Mary or humanity? yG-57

Did you know that Reuben Koehn wisely and in direct opposition to Menno's teaching that the Word Himself became flesh, in the "Messenger of Truth" wrote "not that the substance of God became that substance which we know as body matter. The Word is a name for God and the flesh is a name for humanity in its entirety? (Feb 15, 1989 issue, last of page 2 & first of page 3). yG-58

Did you know, although Reuben Koehn wisely did not teach that the Word Himself became Christ's flesh as did Menno, that Rueben yet like Menno still denied that Jesus' flesh and humanity derived from Mary, and appears even separated Jesus from Mary slightly further than Menno did? Rueben for a time implied that baby Jesus did not even have an umbilical cord connection to Mary, which belief largely places Mary as merely an incubator for Jesus to dwell in, and largely or totally deprives Jesus of both normal nourishment in the womb and of coming in the flesh. yG-59

Did you know that Menno in his effort to prove that Jesus inherited nothing from Mary, went as far as to promote that no child inherits any physical or tangible element (ingredient) from it's mother, (but only and merely receives nourishment from it's mother while developing in the womb), even though children's appearances obviously often resemble their mother? (Menno Simons, Herald Press, Page 767-769).

Did you know Menno's belief concerning Christ's relation to Mary was a controversial and debated issue among some Anabaptists in early years, which shows such belief was not appreciated or accepted by all Anabaptists (Martyrs M Page 34, Menno Simmons, Page 1036)? Note Menno wrote that their were many God fearing people among them who never heard his belief concerning the origin of Christ, which indicates Menno's belief concerning Christ's humanity and flesh was not an old established belief in his day (Menno Simmons 431). yG-60

Did you know Menno's thrust was that Jesus was sinless because of not inheriting or encountering our flesh and humanity? (Yet remember Jesus could have been honored and acquitted as being sinless because of fully overcoming and having a solution for our humanity and situation, rather than because of merely not inheriting or encountering it.) yG-61

Did you know Reuben Koehn wisely taught and personally told me that man's flesh in itself is not evil?

Did you know early Church fathers such as Tertullian, Ignatius, and Irenaeus, strongly advocated that Jesus did inherit flesh and humanity from Mary, and strongly reproved those who believed otherwise? yG-62

Did you know that in the time of the early Church their were some that advocated Menno's view of Christ inheriting nothing from Mary, which one's were strongly reproved by the early Church fathers? yG-63

Did you know 1 John 4:2-3 and 2 John 1:7 strongly reprove denying that Christ came in the flesh saying such is of the spirit of the anti Christ? yG-64

Did you know Hebrews chapters 2-5 speak much of Christ taking upon Himself our very situation, and that a significant portion of the entire New Testament pertains to the similarities of Jesus' and man's temptations, dying, resurrection, and quickening experience? yG-65

Did you know that 1 Cor 15:22-23 clearly shows that Christ was the first to resurrect from the very death that came upon all through Adam. Such Scripture reads "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. {23} But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming". yG-66

Did you know that Christ naturally would first have needed to encounter Adam's very death before He could have been the first to resurrect from Adam's death? yG-67

Did you know many Scriptures earnestly use the resurrection of Christ from the dead to teach and console the Christian that they also like Christ can and will resurrect from the dead? yG-68

Did you know that Jesus participating in our very flesh and situation and overcoming it, and resurrecting from it, is God's wondrous and vital proof to humanity that we can do the same? yG-69

Did you know that denying that Jesus inherited our very flesh and situation and denying that he overcame and resurrected from our very flesh and situation, distorts a large portion of the entire New Testament Bible, and cuts deeply into very basic principles of the Christian religion? (Note the subject of Christ's humanity is very very extensively considered in an article coded aT.) yG-70

Did you know that the Holdeman Church with very little exception denies that Jesus inherited our flesh and very situation and thus also denies that Jesus resurrected from our very flesh and situation? yG-71

Did you know Tertullian wrote "Pray tell me why the Spirit of God descended into a woman's womb at all, if He did not do so for the purpose of partaking of flesh from the womb." "Else why is Christ man and the Son of man, if he has nothing of man, and nothing from man?" (Book 3 Page 525&538) yG-72

Did you know Irenaeus wrote, "Those, therefore, who allege that He took nothing from the Virgin do greatly err, [since] in order that they many cast away the inheritance of the flesh, they also reject the analogy [between Him and Adam]." "For if He did not receive the substance of flesh from a human being, He neither was made man nor the Son of man;" "Superfluous, too, in that case is His descent into Mary; for why did He come down into her if He were to take nothing of her? (Book 1 Page 454) yG-73

Did you know when people are found in errors, they often rather than admitting it, instead find erring one's like themselves to console them in their errors, and then will unitedly continue on in their errors until the mighty God will punish them all for their foolishness? yG-74

Did you know that although it is hard to lay down our knowledge and understanding, when clearer knowledge is given, it also is very hard to stand against peer pressure and to stand alone for the truth? yG-75

Concerning the Church

Those who feel their Church is true, and further feel it is the only true Church should have good answers and should have a good basis for what they teach. yG-76

That Church who expects all her ministers and members to lay down their views and understanding in reverence and trust of their conference decisions, should be found very free from any errors at all if she is to be trusted as such. yG-77

Did you know Tobias Unruh in a Holdeman Church conference in 1940 spoke of dreadful time's approaching God's people and earnestly spoke of a necessity to be grounded in the Word to stand in the test that was coming among the people of God. In this speech he spoke of a drift among the church and said he did not think he would live to see the drift that was occurring in the Church. He also said he would hold to the Word even if the whole Church would fall and give way.

Did you know our minister after reading this speech, in commenting to our congregation about it and the dreadful times predicted therein, simply said he was glad he did not need to go by his own light but could rest in the light of the Church? yG-79

Did you know such response to reading that speech is sad and pitiful? Please reread the above two paragraphs. yG-80

Did you know that a leading minister in a Holdeman church conference in 1993 said that the Church is the Unsinkable Titanic, said she is not in danger regardless of the seas, said there are no lifeboats, and said God will never let her go down, and taught their never will be a need to leave the ship? yG-81

Did you know that which is large is usually called the ship and that which is little is called the life boat, and did you know that in history the larger portion (typical of the ship) of God's people repeatedly went astray, requiring the smaller portion (typical of the life boat), to separate from the large portion? yG-82

Did you know another leading Holdeman minister in writing about the church, used Scriptures that very much are speaking of how the Christian receives all things through Christ and is made complete in Christ (2 Pet 1:3, Col. 2:9-10), to emphasize that the Christian can receive all things through the church and can be made complete by the church, while also misapplying numerous other verses to the church. Please read such article. It is the Editorial of the March 29, 1989 issue of the Messenger of truth. yG-83

Did you know your church because of not being sufficiently concerned about the truth and because of placing a wrong emphasis on the church, might be becoming merely the "Church of the Church", instead of the "Church of God"? (Note the subject of the Church is extensively considered in article bB) yG-85

Did you know that although their are many things that I don't know, the things I here am writing about are very pitiful and need to be dealt with? yG-86

Did you know that although God might for a time wink at one's ignorance that there yet often comes a time when God quits winking and demands repentance (Acts 17:30)? yG-87

Did you know if one does not stand against error, but rather yields to those who are in error he also becomes guilty of that error? yG-88

Did you know although God is not mocked, often times He allows the erring and wicked to prosper in this life and allows the righteous to be persecuted? yG-89

Did you know that excommunicating and separating company from one who is sincerely reproving error and promoting the truth is largely as serous as killing the prophets was in the old era? yG-90

Concerning My Own Experiences

Did you know that sometime before I was excommunicated I had some powerful experiences which caused eternal values to become so vivid to me that I wished we could wake the dead and give them another chance to be saved? yG-91

Did you know I after such experiences I could hardly contain myself when among you, as so often eternal and Spiritual things were not spoken of, while only material things were spoken of? Note after these experiences I was motivated to write about the importance of having a living and motivating faith and about how greatly true conversion changes the heart. yG-92

Did you know after those experiences it became largely impossible for me to be happy and satisfied with our shallow standard of Christian life, and as I tried to lift up a higher standard I became unacceptable to my brethren and was judged by our home staff as having a foreign spirit and being deceived? (Note one should be aware that John Holdeman writes that he after having had particular experiences became strange to his brethren.) yG-93

Did you know the Holdemans were not united in their acceptance of my early writings, as some thought they were very good and others strongly disliked them, and did you know Rueben Koehn suggested I send numerous of them to the Messenger of Truth, which I had already done but the editor had refused to print them? yG-94

Did you know that in the council meetings where I was put on repentance and excommunicated the congregation was not given liberty to speak? yG-96

Did you know that the doctrinal issues such as "Christ's humanity, form of baptism, divorce and remarriage, and church lineage" had nothing to do with my being excommunicated. Note it was after being excommunicated that I in studying numerous subjects unexpectantly discovered that the Holdeman people were in significant error with regards to several vital Christian doctrines, which discovery further disrupted my confidence in those that excommunicated me. yG-97

Did you know God in His great mercy and forbearance blesses and reveals Himself among various churches, yet did you know such does not mean their are not great needs and errors among them? yG-98

Did you know that when you stand before the judgment bar on that last day, God will remember that you read this letter and will remember exactly how honest you were in considering it? yG-99

Did you know that at the judgment bar it will be quite meaningless to say that "I was not going by my own light, but was following the teachings of (what I thought was) God's true church", because it was your personal choice to blindly follow. Note many people from many denominations at the judgment bar could say they followed the light of their church. yG-100

In concluding, the writer wishes that you and I may have a Godly love for the truth and one another, and have a readiness to confess our faults one to another, to forgive and to be healed! Please remember it was only those people who had a honest and good heart which brought forth an hundred fold (Luke 8:8&15), and remember if we lack such an heart and do not fairly and squarely look at all Scriptures and issues, the light of our body is evil, and our whole body thus becomes full of darkness (Matt 6:22-23, Luke 11:34-36). Remember when people are found in errors, they often rather than admitting it, instead find erring one's like themselves to console them in their errors, and then will unitedly continue on in their errors until the mighty God will punish them all for their foolishness? May such not be your case. Best wishes and farewell! yG-101

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