Beauty and Intimacy

Article bU

Beauty and Intimacy

Article bU

Note it would be good if article bW entitled "Sex Education For Couples, Is It Important?" would be read before reading this article.

What is beautiful? To a significant extent, something that is beautiful is made less beautiful when something more beautiful appears. Likewise something beautiful is made more beautiful when something less beautiful appears. Yet it does not necessarily take something less beautiful to make something appear beautiful. Nor does it take something extra beautiful to make something look unattractive. bU-1

God very much expects some things to be beautiful to us and some things to be ugly and unattractive to us. The difference between beautiful flowers or birds and ugly spiders or reptiles is very obvious. The difference between a warm loving smile and an angry look of hatred is also very obvious. Christians and not without reason, often think of the Angels of God as being very beautiful creatures, while they think of Satan as being a very ugly and unattractive creature, possibly even having fangs and horns. bU-2

Now concerning the appearance of women, God for some reason has allowed that some women are significantly more beautiful than others. Some husbands thus have wives who are significantly less beautiful than other wives. Yet it is true that men often are disagreed on whom they think to be beautiful, and the writer is very pleased when men are disagreed on who they think to be beautiful. Any woman whom one thinks to be beautiful is truly beautiful in respect to the one who thinks her to be so! Good character and cheerfulness also will go a long way in making a woman beautiful and attractive. If a wife is virtuous, such attribute alone will go a long ways in making her whole being appear beautiful to her husband! Although some claim that all husbands think their wife to be the most beautiful one, and it were wonderful if such were true, yet such is not always true. bU-3

Some Christians might tend to think that feminine beauty should be meaningless to Christians, since Proverbs 31 speaks of the great importance of virtue and of women's beauty being vain. It is true that virtue is more important than beauty, and that having a virtuous wife is far more important than having the most beautiful wife. Yet even so a woman's outward beauty is not meaningless and vain in all respects. One should notice that although Proverbs chapter 31 greatly exalts virtue and speaks of beauty being vain, yet this very chapter says the virtuous wife clothes herself and her children very beautifully as with silk, scarlet, and purple (Pro 31:21-22). Concerning the less beautiful wife (who yet is virtuous), it is very possible that she because of her thoughtfulness will often present herself more beautiful to her husband than the more beautiful wife who lacks virtue and is careless about her husbands visual desires. Many Scriptures speak about feminine beauty which clearly reveals feminine beauty was noticed in Bible times (Gen 12:11&14, 24:16, 26:7, 29:17, Deu 21:10-13, 1 Sam 25:3, 2 Sam 11:2 & 13:1 & 14:27, 1 Kin 1:3-4, Est 2:7, Job 42:15, Psa 45:9-11, Song of Solomon throughout). bU-4

If feminine beauty was totally vain, the husband should have no care at all about how his wife looks. His wife could have a very hairy chin, teeth sticking straight out, be tremendously overweight and barely look like a woman or even like a human being, and it simply should make her husband no difference. Remember that is if feminine beauty were altogether vain and meaningless. If God actually ordained that the wife's outward appearance should be vain and meaningless to her husband, then Godly husbands should never be affected by any particular views of their wife no matter what the apparel, exposure, or situation. Although inner adorning is more important than outward adorning, yet our creator did not intend that the wife's outward appearance should be meaningless to her husband. Various Scriptures and issues considered later further reveal this truth. Beauty and appearance is a very real thing, remember the difference between a lovely flower and an ugly spider, or the difference between a lovely warm smile or an angry look of hatred. bU-5

Although some conservative Christians might advocate feminine appearance and beauty is totally vain, most honest husbands will admit that a beautiful woman who is prepared and exposed to be as attractive and charming as possible, is more alluring to their eyes than any other beauty on earth. Beautiful flowers, gushing rivers, high mountains, and sunsets although attractive, yet simply do not have the drawing upon husbands as does splendid feminine beauty. God simply has designed that husbands should be drawn and affected by their wives physical beauty. bU-6

God in the old era made provisions that women among His people could appear very beautiful, (2 Sam 1:24, Ezek 16:8-14, Jer 2:32). Yet God also seen fit to take this beautiful apparel away when they were unfaithful to Him (Isa 3:16-26). It is interesting that Paul speaking of the beauty of the Church as the bride of Christ speaks of her need to be without spot and wrinkle and without blemish (Eph 5:22-27). Any spot, wrinkle, or blemish can significantly subtract from vivid feminine beauty. The Song of Solomon clearly and vividly speaks about feminine beauty, and speaks of a feminine beauty having no spot (Song 4:4-7, 7:1-9). Although most wives cannot boast of a beauty as without spot, yet concerning most wives God has given them sufficient beauty that if they nurture the natural beauty God has given them and accompany it with virtuousness they can overcome their spots and still be attractive to their husbands. Although some Christians might not want to admit it, yet it is clear that among Christians as well as non Christians, physical beauty often times has a significant bearing upon whom the young man will fall in love with and choose to marry. Attraction to physical beauty has a valid place even among Christians. Yet it should be remembered that good character and cheerfulness greatly enhances a woman's beauty. The choice that many men make in taking a wife often reveals their appreciation and attraction to beauty even if they might try to insinuate beauty is vain and didn't matter to them. bU-7

The writer's experience concerning feminine beauty although somewhat sad is likely is too typical among conservative Christians. I was raised in a society which in one respect was quite negative about feminine beauty, and where the Scripture that beauty is vain was quite emphasized. It seemed I largely was under the impression if feminine beauty happens that all right, but to study how to make it happen and to try to make it happen is vain and unacceptable. I while growing up naturally noticed what I thought were beautiful girls, but yet tried not to allow beauty to mean anything to me as I thought beauty should be vain and meaningless. Yet I always was drawn to girls that seemed beautiful, and in finding a wife the same occurred. bU-8

Yet even after marrying a girl who seemed quite beautiful, I simply put little or no thought into why or what made her beautiful. Although I very much appreciated that my wife happened to be beautiful, I yet didn't feel comfortable with consciously or intelligently trying to make it happen. Being of the philosophy that beauty is vain, I never studied my wife's appearance enough to even learn what might have particularly contributed to her much appreciated beauty. Although I felt my wife was quite beautiful when I married her, a few years after we were married I felt my wife's special beauty significantly disappeared, and I didn't know why it did, or if this change was just my imagination. I felt a little funny that this bothered me so much, as beauty was supposed to be vain anyway. bU-10

My experience in seeing photos of my wife's earlier beauty is quite unusual as I had no photos of my wife for many years after our wedding. Note I was part of a conservative church which did not allow personal photos. Yet 18 years after our wedding I was privileged to get numerous photos of my wife from her grandmother, showing her as she appeared in her younger years and around the time of our wedding. I in seeing those photos could scarcely believe how beautiful my wife was back then. But even then I didn't catch on to what made her so beautiful in my opinion, until my wife commented on how she combed her hair back then. I then learned that several years after we were married my wife had slowly changed her way of combing her hair and had taken on another hair style which was quite unattractive to me. I even then remembered that I in my youth was always particularly attracted to girls that combed their hair the way she had combed her hair when we got married. bU-11

I since then learned that a woman's hair can do wonders for her appearance. Apostle Paul had much reason to speak of a woman's long hair being a both a glory and a covering to her, as a woman's long hair clearly can be a glorious covering to women and can greatly enhance her beauty (1 Cor 11:15) Apostle Paul also had much reason to speak of it being a shame (disgrace) for a woman to have her hair cut short or shaven (1 Cor 11:5-6). A woman's hair is so important to her appearance that it takes a quite unattractive woman to even be unattractive with a beautiful hair arrangement, while it takes a very beautiful woman to even be beautiful with her head shaven and without any hair at all.. bU-12

Although it is very possible to put too much emphasis upon feminine appearance, one must admit that every normal husband appreciates the beauty his wife has, even if little. No man appreciates if his wife has no care about how she looks, and thus is sloppy and unkept and somewhat repulsive to behold. The wife's beauty by no means is totally vain, although vain when not accompanied with virtue. It is a beautiful situation when husbands really feel that their wives are beautiful. bU-13

Concerning our wives beauty, it appears it sometimes evades us, even if our wives are quite beautiful. It appears we husbands can become so accustomed to our wives beauty that we become insensitive to it. We husbands also can be such perfectionists and pessimists that we only focus on and remember those views of our wives that are less beautiful and not focus on and remember the many views of our wives that are very beautiful. Women often appear quite beautiful and attractive at a glance or at the first, while then in looking closely the imperfections are seen and the beauty fades. It thus might be when husbands look closely upon their wives' countenance, plus get very accustomed to their wives' appearance, their beauty might fade and evade them even if their wives are quite attractive. Thus a husband might think other women which he doesn't look closely upon, and does not see very much, are more beautiful than his own wife, even if they really are not. May we pray that God will help us to recognize and appreciate our own wives beauty. It is interesting that God in Ezekiel 24:16&21&25, calls Ezekiel's wife the desire or delight of his eyes. bU-14

Their are numerous types of love, which are all important to marriage. Marital relations to be at the best need to include a belonging love, a friendship love, an unselfish love, and physical love. Although all types of love are important, yet physical love is a special natural love that is peculiar to marriage and intimacy, and which particularly bonds the two sexes. The other types of love are simply relevant and helpful to all human relations without any regard to male or female. Physical love which is called romantic love by some, is very sight oriented and sight stimulated, especially with regards to husbands. Various Scriptures clearly reveal that feminine beauty is a powerful force that instigates physical and natural desire on man's part. People in old times knowing the powerful and enlivening affect of feminine beauty, used it in an endeavor enliven King David when he was old and feeble. King David was given the fairest or most beautiful young woman in the land to lay with him while on his death bed to help him revive (1 King 1:2-4). Feminine appearance is very important to the husbands physical love, while without physical love a marriage is no different than two of the same sex merely living together It is difficult for the husband to have a ravishing physical love for that which is uncomely to behold. Feminine beauty is a real thing which has an important place in marriage, although many seem to have tried to minimize it, discredit it and forget it. One should remember that the less beautiful wife, who yet is virtuous, because of her thoughtfulness might often present herself more beautiful to her husband than the more beautiful wife who lacks virtue and is careless about her husbands visual desires. bU-15

Although a woman's hair and countenance is important to her beauty, yet a women's beauty involves much more than just such. Woman's bodily beauty as vividly spoken of in Song 7:1-8 also is very beautiful. Men might even be more attracted to the beauty of a woman's body than to her countenance. Most honest husbands will admit that a beautiful woman who is prepared and exposed to be as attractive and charming as possible, is more alluring to their eyes than any other beauty on earth. In our society it is clear that men repeatedly happen to see beautiful women (in public or in photos), with a beautiful hair arrangement, and quite unclothed, and with their bodies positioned and skin tanned to be very beautiful and alluring, which sights obviously can arouse within men a desire to see that vivid beauty in and with their wives. bU-116

The little clothing some women wear (especially as in public photos), in some respects is not a modesty, but simply decorates their bodies and might make them more beautiful and alluring than if they wore no clothes at all. Women among naked uncivilized Indian or African tribes likely are not as alluring as what is publicly exposed in our society. bU-17

It is quite possible that some women who appear in public (or photos) scantly clothed and with their bodies prepared to be very sexually appealing, then do very little to appear beautiful and sexually appealing to their own husbands at home and in the bedroom. How much better a world we would live in if all wives would do their best to appear beautiful and sexually appealing to their own husbands at home, rather than doing their best to appear so attractive in public as many do. bU-18

Proverbs 5:18-19 reads, "Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. {19} Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love." As feminine beauty tends to be very meaningful to a husband, how can a husband be content with something that is much less beautiful than what he might often see around him? How can he admire and be ravished by his wife's beauty and body when it is very inferior to that feminine beauty (in photos or person) that he might often see in our society, and naturally desires to see? May God help and teach us. bU-20

Marriage clearly can help satisfy a man's sexual desires, yet marriage also can awaken his desires for feminine beauty which before were in somewhat of a dormancy. When one has no sexual activities at all it is quite clear that he can be in somewhat of a sexual dormancy where beautiful women or exposing photos do not so much allure him although they yet do have an attraction. Before I, the writer was married, I had a photographer take pictures for me of a particular farm cart I was making and trying to sell. This photographer showed me his many pictures of the beauty queens he took. I then being unmarried and sexually inactive, must have been in somewhat of a sexual dormancy as they did not attract or affect me very much and I gave them very little thought. Some of these beauty queens, I do not think were even very well clothed. Yet now I must admit that photo's of feminine beauty tend to have a greater affect on me than then. Before I was married I also was on a public boat ride together with my family. My married brothers were very much aware of some quite unclothed female aboard the boat and were talking about it. I hadn't given it much thought and was sort of surprised at them and told them I thought since they were married they would not even notice it, but one married one answered me and said he thinks being married makes it worse. Marriage might especially make it worse if one's wife does not do her part in providing her husband with pleasing and ravishing views. Apostle Paul said, " is better to marry than to burn." (1 Cor 7:9). May wives do their part in pleasing their husbands eyes and sexual desires so that they will not burn more after marriage than before. Wives have a great responsibility to endeavor to satisfy her husbands visual desires which might even be made even more desirous of special beauty, because of the special feminine views often seen in our public society. bU-21

It is sad that sometimes younger and unmarried women try to tan their legs and make themselves very appealing when they have no husband to do it for, and then after they are married when they have a husband to do it for then no longer desire to do so. The Song of Solomon speaking of feminine beauty speaks of a female being dark as the curtains of Solomon, because of the sun shining upon her, and speaks of this dark skin being comely or pleasant (Song 1:5-6). Numerous verses in the Song of Solomon soberly and explicitly speak of woman's bodily beauty. Song 8:10 speaking of such reads, "I am a wall, and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favour." Firstly considering how being married and sexually active can make one very sensitive to woman's bodily beauty, and can even increase ones desire to see feminine beauty, and secondly considering how Paul said it is better to marry than to burn (1 Cor 7:9), it is clear that after one is married it is important that his possibly increased visual desires are nicely satisfied in a right and meaningful way, rather than simply increased and one left without proper fulfillment. bU-23

With reasonable efforts, most wives can make themselves quite beautiful and alluring when in private with their husbands, thus fulfilling their husbands visual desires. Particular hose, particular lighting, particular lingerie, particular combing of the hair, particular posturing (positioning) can do wonders to make wives appear beautiful and sexually alluring in private. Twenty watt fluorescent black lights can greatly beautify women's skin giving it a deep tanned look and will cover many bodily imperfections. One or two of such lights on the bedroom walls can do wonders. Such black lighting alone will make one's skin look too dark, thus one needs a dim regular light to help lighten the room and lighten the skin to just the right color. By adjusting the brightness of the regular light one can adjust the color of the tan. A semi transparent, open woven, lace like fabric, if draped nicely around one's wife can very much add further to her bodily beauty. Although many things in life, such as flowers, high mountains, sunsets, and colored leaves are beautiful and are thrilling to look upon, yet it appears nothing nearly attracts and thrills man's eyes as does feminine beauty. Those who feel such efforts for feminine beauty in the bedroom are too extravagant, should consider such lights, lingerie, and fabric involves little expense and effort as compared to what many wives put into clothing to appear attractive around their friends and in public. Those hose (nylons) which are designed to give women's legs a beautiful color, are really a decoration rather than a modesty (covering) although some Christian women erroneously think of such hose as a modesty (covering). Some hose are rightly called by the manufacturer, "better than bare". bU-24

It is clear that many Christian women put very much effort into trying to appear as beautiful as is possible (within their church standards) when in public. It is very sad that many Christian women spend much time and much of their husbands earnings to beautifully decorate their house and to make much clothing to appear attractive among their friends, and then possibly do nothing special or wear nothing special to appear attractive in a sexual manner before their own husbands in private. Too many wives will drive all over town for just the right buttons, fabric, and pattern for their new Sunday dresses, and will make many phone calls for just the right advice in making them, but then when it comes to their bedroom appearance (which means much to their husband), have no care and do nothing special. bU-25

How many husbands are largely deprived of that feminine beauty which their wives could and should provide for them in private, while yet they are engulfed in beautiful house decor and beautiful clothing for use in public and church activities? Concerning the wife who is greatly loved and who is very meaningful to her husband, it is quite obvious her beauty (even if little) is much more meaningful to her husband than the beauty of material things such as fine houses or furniture. In this respect the beauty of fine houses and furniture is much more vain than the beauty of one's wife. Tim Lahaye and Ed Wheat who are God fearing writers, both have written good books on the sex subject, and both advocate that the wife should endeavor to please her husband's desires for feminine beauty. Tim Lahaye encourages women to watch their weight for the sake of their husbands. bU-26

A truly virtuous woman will not just try to appear beautiful at the time of her wedding, but will try to please and satisfy her husband's eyes throughout life. It is very important that wives do what they can to satisfy their husbands in the bedroom. Tim Lahaye writes about a particular wife who said her husband thought she was an ideal cook, homemaker, and mother for his children, yet he divorced her because she was a failure in the bedroom. Tim Lahaye writes, "Most men will accept mediocrity [faults] in other areas if the bedroom activity gives satisfaction." (The Act of Marriage, Page 90). The wife who does not do what she easily can do to please her husbands eyes in the bedroom, is either ignorant or very unthoughtful of her husbands desires. It is sad that many young brides are carefully taught how to prepare good meals for their husbands stomachs in the kitchen, but are taught nothing about preparing a good meal for their husbands eyes in the bedroom. bU-27

Husbands appreciate some changes. Godly husbands in the old era often had more than one wife which provided a vivid change for the husband. Yet even though husbands in our time have only one wife, wives can still provide nice changes for their husbands. As wives don't always wear the same style dress or skirt in public, why should she always wear the same style lingerie in the bedroom? bU-28

Husbands normally are much more attracted and stimulated by beauty and sight, than what wives are, thus this article which particularly pertains to beauty and sight, naturally pertains more to the husband's satisfaction than to the wives satisfaction. Yet wives also need to be satisfied in sexual things. With regards to wives experiencing proper sexual fulfillment, both Ed Wheat and Tim Lahaye, knowing that wives normally need much more skill and time to be satisfied sexually and to reach orgasm, give much instruction as to how husbands and wives should relate in their sexual activities to provide the wife with that ravishment and blessing that God has also designed for her. May husbands remember not to only be seek beauty for themselves but also endeavor to please and satisfy their wives. bU-30

Although the Scriptures portray sex and the beauty of women in it's proper order as a good and honorable thing, yet it is very very sad that very early in Christianity a very erroneous anti marriage, beauty, sex attitude crept into the Christian church. This emphasis was not only very negative towards marriage and feminine beauty, but even disallowed sex in marriage except for honest reproductive efforts. It is no wonder Paul spoke of this anti marriage and intimacy emphasis as the doctrine of Devils (1 Tim 4:1-3). In all truth, if sex were only allowed for honest reproductive endeavors as this emphasis taught, it would be completely disallowed in marriage, except for having numerous children before menopause and after that disallowed forever. And further just imagine, not only would intercourse be disallowed in marriage but all physical love, affectionate touches, kisses, happy hugs, would be inappropriate in marriage, because anyone with common sense knows where that tends to lead to. Thus Satan with this doctrine actually stole one of God's greatest gifts from mankind, and which is woman, her beauty and love and which God made for man in the beginning saying it is very good. What a horrible devilish doctrine which engulfed our world and caused unthinkable difficulty for humanity! Deriving from that heathen and ancient Catholic anti woman doctrine, many levels of restrictions are still seen today. Numerous erroneous anti marriage and anti sex and beauty writings of early church leaders are given in article cE. Justin Martyr a very early writer in his erroneous approach towards sex went as far as to write, "And our Lord Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, for no other reason than that He might destroy the begetting by lawless desire" (ECF, Vol 1, Page 590). How absurd! Jesus was born of a virgin because He was the Son of God and as a special witness of such Sonship, and not born of a virgin to destroy and be a witness against sex! If Paul had actually believed sex was only allowable for creating off spring, he instead of saying "it is better to marry than to burn", should have said "it is better to stay away from the marriage environment than to burn!" How ridiculous and sad were the anti marriage and sex attitudes of these early Christian writers! bU-31

Although King Solomon spoke of the virtuous woman clothing herself and her children in silk, scarlet. and purple, Tertullian (who lived around 180 AD) spoke very negatively of beautiful clothes for women and indicated if God intended women to wear beautiful colorful clothing He would have created purple and scarlet sheep to provide the wool, and said God somehow missed creating such sheep (Ante Nicene Fathers Vol. 4, Page 45)! Tertullian writing very negatively with regards to women and her beauty wrote, "And do you not know that you are (each) an Eve?. ...You are the devil's gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. ...And do you think about adorning yourself over and above your tunics of skins?" ( Ante Nicene Fathers Vol. 4, Page 26). Writers as this even advocated women's faces should be veiled, as did women among the heathen Greeks, and even though Paul in writing to the Greeks at Corinth, taught that women should have power, freedom, and liberty on their heads because and with the Angels, taught woman's long hair is a vital covering and glory to her and given to her in exchange for or instead of a veil, spoke of Jesus having taken away the veil, and spoke of liberty in Christ wherein we all should come before God with an unveiled face 1 Cor 11:10&15, 2 Cor 3:17-18. Note, the veiling of women is extensively considered in articles cS, cU, and cZ. bU-31

One should carefully read the quotes of Tertullian and consider how they dishonor and slam women and her beauty, as compared to how Apostle Paul spoke of women being made particularly for man and being the glory of man, as something very special for him (1 Cor 11:7-9)! One should also consider how Tertullian's writing dishonors women and her beauty as compared to how it was honored in old Jewish times. God created woman and her beauty to bless man, and her beauty is not evil and rather is intended to greatly ravish man. Woman is one of God's greatest gifts to man and is intended to be appreciated and enjoyed in a proper yet wondrous way! Although the Bible various places speaks of wine making glad the heart of man, it speaks of the blessing of sexual love and feminine beauty as being much better than wine (Song 4:1-10)! bU-32

It is good and true that both Apostle Paul and Peter encouraged Christian women to strive for inner beauty of the heart and attitude, rather than to be taken up with expensive and excessive outer adorning of the body (1 Tim 2:9-10, 1 Pet 3:3-4). Yet one dare not overlook the fact that immediately after Apostle Peter advocated such, he then lifted up Holy women of the Bible as examples for Christian women to follow, which Holy women were not careless with their outward appearance and even wore some jewelry. It appears some women who are too taken up with jewelry, facial paints, and powders, really become less attractive as they begin to appear very artificial and synthetic rather than natural. Yet the wife with inward beauty will kindly care about all her husbands desires, including his visual desires. One should also consider that a woman's natural God given appearance, including her fuller and longer hair (unveiled and neatly kept) together with an attractive smile springing forth from inward beauty, often makes a woman much more beautiful than excessive and expensive outward adornment, and which adornment is unnecessary and which Peter and Paul wisely reproved. Note another article coded bZ and entitled "Godliness, Beauty, and Appearance" considers the keeping of women's hair and how Christians should relate to beauty with regards to houses, lawns, people, vehicles or anything. bU-33

It does not appear that God's people of the new era are to dress lavishly and expensively as did those in King Solomon's courts. Jesus spoke quite negatively about soft and gorgeous apparel (as in King's courts), and about living delicately (Matt 11:8, Luke 7:25). New Testament Scriptures often speak of God's people as being poor in this worlds goods, but rich in faith and grace. In considering a luxurious and expensive lifestyle and it's relation to feminine beauty one must remember it yet does not take expensive clothing for Christian wives to appear attractive at home and in public and in the bedroom, although certain and various types of garments can very much please the husband. bU-34

Some Christian wives from their wedding day till the present, likely hundreds of times have put forth special efforts to wear special clothing and nicely comb their hair to appear beautiful and pleasing in public (as beautiful as their church rules will allow), while yet these wives possibly never once put forth such efforts to appear extremely attractive to their husbands at home and in the bedroom. Why is this? Many wives likely also have spent multiple times as much money on trying to appear beautiful to their friends and the public than what they have spent in trying to appear attractive to their husbands at home and in the bedroom. These things are really sad. Yet husbands should consider that when their wives do put forth efforts to be beautiful for them at home and in the bedroom they need to show their appreciation for this, and be kind and loving to them for it. bU-35

1 Corinthians 7:1-5 encourages the marriage relation to avoid needless temptation and to avoid erroneous sexual satisfaction (fornication). This Scripture clearly advocates that husbands and wives should not defraud each other with regards to providing each other with sexual satisfaction. Thus Christian couples should not be in ignorance and the dark about sexual things but should be very knowledgeable about them. Yet sexual surveys and marriage counselors report much ignorance concerning these things, which ignorance is very sad and needs to be uprooted with careful teaching. Another article which pertains to the importance of sex education for couples, (article bW) speaks more of this and relates closely to this article. bU-36

The object of this article is not to make men or couples discontent with their sex life, but rather is to help men and couples who are struggling and possibly dissatisfied with their sexual experience to find and experience God's good marriage and sexual plan. May Christian couples love each other, love their children and most of all love God. Farewell. bU-37