Article aC 1989

V Deception

Article aC 1989

This article was written because it appears too many people think of

deception as being something far removed from themselves and their people.

Deception what a dreadful word it is. It is deception when one, by the beguilement of another, thinks his ways to be right when they are yet wrong. Man always, and rightfully so, designs his ways according to what he thinks and hopes will bring good success and results. Men plan very carefully to achieve material success, and also often are mindful of achieving eternal success. Although deception often causes temporal loss it's far greater dreadfulness pertains to Spiritual and eternal loss. "... the Devil ...which deceiveth the whole world..." is the author of all spiritual deception (Rev 12:9). It is dreadful and sad that many with great confidence that their ways and faith, will save from hell and lead to eternal life, are deceived and will find themselves cast into hell. It is also sad that many have little confidence that such places exist, thus are careless with their ways and will also be cast into hell. aC-1

The workings of Satan's deceivings are clearly seen throughout all times. They began in the garden of paradise and have continued ever since. Because of them the first world became so wicked, that with the exception of Noah and his family, God destroyed all men by the flood. After the flood because of Satan's deceivings the world soon again was corrupted and men built the tower of Babel with the intentions of making a name for themselves. God's chosen people and church of the Old Testament (who were the descendants of Abraham) were ordained by God to be a Holy nation above all nations of the earth. God's church and people of that time were often symbolized by Jerusalem. Jerusalem in this respect was held very sacred and dear to the patriarchs of old. Yet because of Satan's deceivings the greater of Jerusalem often went astray from God, and even persecuted the prophets that reproved them for their straying. The whole Old Testament because of man falling into deception is full of sad accounts of man's errings. Because of deception the Jews crucified Christ not knowing He was the Son of God, "...for if they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory" (1 Cor 2:8). Jesus knowing the blindness and deception of those that crucified Him said, "...Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do..." (Luke 23:34). Jesus told His disciples, the day would come that such as kill them would think they are doing God service (John 16:2). Because of Satan's deceivings God's church throughout the New Testament often times drifted and strayed into blindness, and together with the Laodicean church thought they were rich and in need of nothing and yet were wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. Because of deception often times God's church was carried on by only a faithful remnant. How can deception be so dreadful? aC-2

V Deception tells one that he is special or our time is special and that deception is only for history, the minority, others or the foolish. Deception thus makes one wonder why people in history were so foolish as to so easily stray from truth and makes men unaware that deception in our day is doing the same thing. May all be assured that if one's life or church fails of the standard portrayed in God's word for his children or church, that the workings of deception are in affect. May all consider the power and fervency of God's church at Pentecost. What is most dreadful about deception is that people often are happy and at ease under it's influence feeling rich and feeling no need of change, thus make no surer steps for heaven, but yet are poor, wretched, blind, and naked and shall be cast forever into hell, in blindness having wasted their time of opportunity. One of Satan's greatest deceptions is that he endeavors to cause God's true church and all religious people to drift away, even though it may be ever so slow, from the power of the Spirit and Gospel into formalism or permissiveness. Such driftings of God's church and churches is caused by nothing less the workings of the Satan and his angels. Another of Satan's great deceptions is he then tells man if they fit in with their church, social group, or the crowd, all will be all right. Yet in history those that served false gods, persecuted the prophets, and crucified Christ fitted in. Apostle Paul warned of the false security of only fitting in, saying we dare not make ourselves of the number and dare not compare ourselves among ourselves (2 Cor 10:12). aC-3

Few of hell's citizens will be there having knowingly lost the battle against Satan. Many of hells citizens will be those who thought they did good enough and many who enter that dreadful place will have been so deceived that they even were proud of how good they were. The fight against evil is much like fighting sleep in the respect that when one is overcome by sleep he is unaware thereof until he is awakened. How many will refuse to allow God's spirit to awaken them out of their sleep, and will be awakened from their sleep by the sound of the last trumpet when then it will be forever to late? aC-4

When God's Spirit speaks and offers the light of faith, may no one reject it or deception will follow. God deceives no one, He only removes the light of faith from such as reject it, in this darkness Satan the father of lies then greatly deceives man. How dreadful deception is, as it can make one to feel rich, happy, free, and saved, while standing on a bridge spanning hell which is sure to fall therein, for such is unbeknown to him. God's church and children are to be a witness against deception to the world, they are to work together with God's Spirit in sparing men from it. Today although miracles are not as prevalent as in times past, comfort is taken in that the miracle yet exists of casting Satan out of men's lives, yet not too much comfort should be taken from such. At the judgment many will have thought that Christ had taught in their streets, thought they had eaten and drunk in Christ's presence, and thought they had cast out devils and done many wonderful works in Christ's name, yet Jesus will say to them "depart from me, ye that work iniquity" (Matt 7:22-23, Luke 13:26-27). May we not be of that sad number. One can only be assured of salvation when he abides by the will and word of God which are one with the voice of the Holy Spirit and teachings of Christ. Jesus said, "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love...", "...If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed", and said that only such as do the will of His Father shall enter heaven. Another article entitled, "The Holiness, Perfectionism, and Severity of God" endeavors to reveal the Holy standard of God which He requires of man. aC-5

V Likely many that are deceived at the judgment will cry to God saying, when concerning something of such importance as eternity and heaven and hell, why did you not in some special way let me know I was deceived? God could well answer many of those saying, how could you expect such of me when you did not do all diligence to reveal to others whom you believed were deceived, their dreadful plight of deception in that they in blindness were treading the broad road to hell. In closing may all be warriors that are not entangled with the affairs of this life, fighting against deception and hell. aC-6

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