Chronology Chart

Chronology Chart

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On the following pages is added a chart of Biblical chronology. Note dates in this chronology likely are not exact, but hopefully are close. The writer in calculating the years between creation and the birth of Jesus at one point could not decide whether or not to add a particular ten year period. The writer then chose to leave out such ten year period and arrived at 3966 years from creation till Christ's birth. The writer was happy to find that the Martyr's Mirror states there were about 3970 years from creation till Christ's birth, which much aligned with his calculations (Martyr's Mirror Page 67). Yet one must remember that no one for sure knows the amount of years, accept God.

Most chronologies teach that their were exactly 4000 years between the creation and the birth of Christ rather then 3966 years as the writer calculated. It is quite possible chronologies were somewhat adjusted to make this time period come out to exactly 4000 years. Note according to our modern date system it appears Jesus actually was born in 4 B.C. That Jesus was born 4 B.C. is generally accepted by all. Thus chronologies that teach that Jesus was born 4000 years after creation, have the creation posted at 4004 B.C.

In considering these things one should consider that the real divider between the new era and old era should be thought of as being at the time of Christ's ministry and death rather then at His birth. Jesus speaking of these things said, “The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.” (Luke 16:16), “For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.” (Matt 11:13). The actual end of the law era, and the beginning of the Christian Church era obviously occurred around the time of Christ's death rather then at His birth.

The calculations as in this chronology have Jesus' death at year 4000 A.C., even though most chronologies rather have His birth at 4000 years A.C. Note the writer calculated that Jesus was crucified in 30 A.D. at 34 years old. If the writers calculations in this chart are correct, it makes 4000 years after creation to align with those happenings which really established the true break in the eras. Note the writer did not do his calculations trying to come out at any particular time as this. Figuring Christ to have been crucified in 30 A.D. and figuring the second era to have begun at His death, makes our present year 1971 instead of being 2001. It is interesting to think that the Bible says that a day with God is as a 1000 years and to think how God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. Could it be our present earth also will exist 6 days and God's rest for His people will begin on the seventh day? It appears God in the last 6000 years has been preparing for and in one respect is creating beings and persons fit for the new world. Will it take God six days to finish His preparations for the new world and will God rest together with those who participate in that new world on the seventh day? The calculations as in this chart place us at 5971 years after creation, making our present time to be 971 years into the sixth day which is like 11:18 PM on the eve or end of the sixth day with the seventh day dawning. Although one does not know for sure what year we are in, these issues should make one soberly consider. Each individual must also remember that their personal end of the world can happen any time, as our physical lives are quite uncertain.

Some basic time periods of Old Testament chronology are, firstly the great flood occurring 1656 years after the creation (Note years after creation are initialized as A.C.), secondly 427 years later Abraham departed for Canaan at 2083 A.C., thirdly 430 years later the famous exodus from Egypt took place being at 2513 A.C. (Gen 15:13, Ex 12:40-41, Acts 7:6, Gal 3:17), forthly 480 years later Solomon began building the famous Temple being 2993 A.C. (1 Kings 6:1), fifthly 391 years later Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of Solomon's Temple took place being 3384 A.C., sixthly 582 years later the birth of Jesus took place at 3966 A.C.., and seventhly 34 years later Jesus' crucifixion took place being at 4000 A.C. The chronology chart on the following pages likely will take significant study to understand. But for those who are interested they likely can figure much of it out.